Special machines for agriculture

Bayco MGO2 cable reel

The MGO2 is a machine designed for the automated collection of agricultural cables and rows.

Technical characteristics

Double head model equipped with systems to manage the speed and direction of cable distribution. The operator’s central station allows full control of the activities.


Machinery designed to lift and transport pallets up to a maximum of 90°.

Technical characteristics

This machine allows the handling of the load in rotation up to a maximum of 90°. Thanks to the hatbox equipped with 4 springs, it ensures a stable transport of the goods (even on the side swings) and well cushioned, avoiding any type of damage to the load.


A machine designed to make the mulch levelling, when is necessary a precise cut, as in strawberry nurseries.

Technical characteristics

The controls are electro-hydraulic and operated by the operator. The tool can be mounted both front and back of the tractor.

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