Design and construction of agricultural machines

We design multifunctional agricultural machines

For an agricultural enterprise the multifunctionality of machinery can make a difference in the work process. Having versatile equipment, which can be used in different ways,has considerable advantages for the costs of the activity.

We at CB Agri know this well, and this is why we support the production of agricultural machines with a customized design service.. From technical design to construction, we take care of all the steps to offer you multifunction machines that can meet your needs.

Conversion of special self-propelled and non-propelled machinery

In addition to the design of new machines, we offer a service of conversion of agricultural machines.. Depending on your needs, we adapt the machine to a different use by installing special equipment. In addition, we check the operation of each component with a series of checks and controls to ensure maximum efficiency of the machine.

How does the conversion of special machinery work?

We carry out checks and technical tests before intervening, issue the declaration of conformity at the end of the work and provide you with a support service to guarantee the efficiency of each conversion.

Check up of the machinery

We check the status of the machine and evaluate your requests to understand how to intervene.


We carefully evaluate the feasibility of conversion with a thorough analysis.

Analysis and design

We design the configuration of the machinery and install the new equipment.


We test the correct operation of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems.

Service and warranty

We certify the conformity of the machinery and maintain its value with the assistance service.

Our clients say

Marino, Artisan
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I relied on the C.B Agri workshop for the maintenance of my agricultural machine. The competence of the staff was so high that my vehicle was returned to me in a very fast time and in perfect conditions of operability!
Carlo, Geologist
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Because of my work as a geologist I use tools for geology. Unfortunately, after a certain period of time, our work tools become worn out, damaged or broken and no longer work. I relied on the C.B. Agri workshop in Molinella to repair these tools. My expectations were not disappointed: the staff was friendly, understanding and highly trained. Reliability and competence are certainly not lacking from C.B. Agri!
Valerio, Agriculturist
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Due to a malfunction of the machinery that I use in the company, I relied on the repair service of C.B. Agri. Trained and extremely helpful staff arrived at the place where the broken vehicle lay and immediately repaired it. Mechanical and hydraulic workshop highly recommended for those near Molinella!
Cesare, Agriculturist
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C.B. Agri is my point of reference for all the problems I can have with my agricultural machinery. I have always been assisted in the repair, maintenance and inspection of my main work tools. The staff has never disappointed me; quality and competence guaranteed!

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