Hydraulic Workshop in Bologna

Mechanical and hydraulic repairs

We’re specialized in mechanical and hydraulic repairs of different types of machines. We deal with multi-brand vehicles used in agriculture, geology and construction.. We deal on anomalies quickly and efficiently. In addition, to avoid prolonged downtime, we supply new parts, overhauled or built directly by us in case of unavailability.

What do we do?

Repairs of open and closed circuit hydraulic pumps.

Hydraulic distributors of harvesting machines, concrete mixers, forklifts and asphalt pavers.

Restoration works on agricultural machinery, machines for geology and construction..

Repair of air conditioning systems.

On-site repairs

Thanks to our fully equipped workshop equipment, we can provide on-site repairs for the timely resolution of any problem.

Authorized workshop NEW HOLLAND

Our clients say

Marino, Artisan
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I relied on the C.B Agri workshop for the maintenance of my agricultural machine. The competence of the staff was so high that my vehicle was returned to me in a very fast time and in perfect conditions of operability!
Carlo, Geologist
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Because of my work as a geologist I use tools for geology. Unfortunately, after a certain period of time, our work tools become worn out, damaged or broken and no longer work. I relied on the C.B. Agri workshop in Molinella to repair these tools. My expectations were not disappointed: the staff was friendly, understanding and highly trained. Reliability and competence are certainly not lacking from C.B. Agri!
Valerio, Agriculturist
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Due to a malfunction of the machinery that I use in the company, I relied on the repair service of C.B. Agri. Trained and extremely helpful staff arrived at the place where the broken vehicle lay and immediately repaired it. Mechanical and hydraulic workshop highly recommended for those near Molinella!
Cesare, Agriculturist
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C.B. Agri is my point of reference for all the problems I can have with my agricultural machinery. I have always been assisted in the repair, maintenance and inspection of my main work tools. The staff has never disappointed me; quality and competence guaranteed!

How can we help you?

Do you need to do the inspection? Your tractor have some problems? Tell us what you need, we are ready to help. Fill in the form or call the number +39 051 690 8684