Would you like to receive more informations about the conversion of agricultural vehicles service?

Nowadays a modern agricultural company must acknowledge the importance of multifunctionality. By multifunctionality we mean the possibility to use different machinery or working tools for more purposes.

In some cases and works, it is necessary to go through difficult and well-structured operations instead of following the basic usage practices. The aim is to modify the configuration of vehicles and tools into a different and not traditional equipment.

C.B Agri company plays an important role in this field by offering a conversion service. The process of conversion is made with the use of technical tests and checks and following the customer’s request. The agricultural self-propelled vehicle will be converted into a “working machine” that can circulate on public roads.

How is the conversione of the self-propelled vehicle made?

The approval requires the same processes of agricultural vehicles:

  • Identification of the vehicle’s features though examination
  • Compilation of the compliance certificate, where the previous verified features of the vehicle are inserted. The compliance certificate is needed for the vehicle enrolment
  • Submission of the possible leasing contract and the certificate which attests the registration to C.C.I.A
  • With more owners involved, the declaration of their personal informations will be needed
  • If the vehicle is used for other purposes (agricultural or working) it is assumed that the technical features and performances won’t change while the regulation aspect will be modified.

The vehicle must be homologated for both the uses. Thank to a series of homologations, inspections and tests in C.B Agri workshop, it will be possible to verify the vehicle’s compliance to the prototype exposed to homologation.

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