Design and realization of Towed Machinery – Trainata SH1500

Design and realization of Towed Machinery – Trainata SH1500

Towed Machinery – Trainata SH1500 designated use:

Towed Machinery SH1500 for mechanical harvesters has been created to manage the eradicating phase of strawberry nursery. The careful planning allowed us to create a product that takes into account plants’ care, improving harvesting speed.


This machine – as the name suggests – consists of a chassis with two stabilizer wheels adjustable in height, separated and steering. The eradicating system is set on the back of the machinery: thanks to the use of a digging mouth, the machine collects plants, starting the cleaning phase. The plants are then channelled by a conveyor bend into a sieve basket. This one is also adjustable, in order to obtain a perfect cleaning. At the end, the clean product is conferred by a second coveyor bend to a trailer for the transport. The processing of our Trainata SH1500 is staggered compared to tractor in order to avoid the trampling of the plants on the side of machinery, and also to decrease variations and maintain plants intact.

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