Design and realization of Roll up Baico cable machinery

Roll up cable machinery for Baico cables – Design and construction

Roll up cable machinery designated use:

Our roll up cable machinery has been designed to allow the wrapping of Baico cables.


This machine is an evolution of its previous sister of C.B. Agri. It is mainly equipped by a supporting structure, on which are mounted two rotating heads hydraulically actioned, two hydraulic distributors which allows the operator to select the direction and the speed of rotation.

This two-headed model has a control panel easily located at the center of the machine. At the center of the heads there is also a little steering wheel useful to modify the external diameter of the head. It also allows the recovery of the reel created at the end of the operation. Each component is naturally protected with safety devices that permits a correct and safe usage.

The roll up cable machinery for Baico cables is available also in one-head version and in a two-headed model one of which is removable.

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