Design and construction of Pallet Forks

Design and construction of Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks – Designated Use:

This application for forklifts has been designed to lift pallets that need to be rotated 90 degrees, because of work reasons or their transport.


Our Pallet Forks is characterized by two standard forks for forklifts, mounted on a structure that let you handle a load at maximum 90 degrees rotation, thanks to the presence of a center of rotation. To contain the load due to the compression in the upper part of the machine, we apply a parcel shelf actioned by hydraulic jack. Thanks to its structure, this machine is able to maintain a stable load, also in case of lateral tilting. Moreover, we apply 4 springs at the head of the parcel shelf in order to make the tilting less violent and to amortize the vibrations during displacements, also avoiding load damages and keeping it supportive to pallets.

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