The company

Agri C.B Hydraulics Workshop is located in Molinella, in Bologna’s area. The company was born in the 70s with the previous management and it mainly handled the inspection/ maintenance of machinery for agriculture and geology, operating on mechanic and hydraulic components.

From 2008 the new management has implemented the services and has specialised in studying, planning and realizing machinery for nurseries, building places and geology.

The experience obtained over the years in the various sectors lead C.B Agri company to become a reference point for Ferrara and Bologna’s areas and letting the company spread to the north of Italy.

The workshop offers an high quality of the offered services thank to the experience and to the use of technologically advanced machinery, which are used everyday for any operation.

Our clients say

I entrusted the maintenance of my agricultural machinery to C.B. Agri. The employees are very competent. I had my vehicle back in few days and utterly working.

Due to my job as geologist I use geological equipment. Unfortunately, it is very common to spoil, consume or break them while using. I entrusted C.B. Agri, in Molinella, to repair my geological tools. They confirmed my expectations: the staff is polite, empathetic and highly prepared. C.B. Agri doesn’t absolutely lack of reliability and competences!

Because of a malfunction, I asked C.B. Agri to repair the equipment I use for work. I found a really prepared and helpful staff: they arrived in the place where I left my vehicle and immediately repaired it. I truly recommend this hydraulic and mechanical repair shop to anyone near Molinella!

C.B. Agri is the reference point for all the problems I may have with my agricultural machinery. They always help me by repairing, maintaining and inspecting my working instruments. They never disappointed me. Guaranteed quality and competences!